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Emergency DentistDental problems don’t wait until 9-5 Monday through Friday to pop up. Dental emergencies can occur at any time, but at Ericsson Dental, Emergency Dentist in Boca Raton Dr. Ericsson, and his entire team are committed to treating your dental emergency in the most convenient and comfortable way possible.

Ericsson Dental values their patients and we aim to treat every dental emergency as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ericsson Dental also stays on the forefront of dentistry technology so that we can give our patients the best options available.

Types of Dental Emergencies in Boca Raton, FL

A dental emergency is a dental situation that occurs and requires immediate treatment. Some of the most common dental emergencies that are treated at Ericsson Dental include:

  • An Avulsed Tooth – An avulsed tooth is a tooth that has been knocked out of the mouth. This type of dental emergency requires immediate attention. You don’t only have to worry about a gap in your smile but also damage to the nerves, tissue, and blood vessels that surround the tooth. Replacing the tooth as quickly as possible increases the odds that the tissue around the tooth will regrow to support the tooth.
  • A Lost Filling or Crown – Eating hard candy, ice, or any other hard food can cause a filling or crown to separate. Additionally simply brushing or flossing your teeth can loosen a crown or filling. A crown or filling is there for a reason and when one falls out it can leave the exposed tooth feeling extremely sensitive and painful. If you experience a lost crown or filling you will want to contact an emergency dentist immediately to help reduce the pain and the likelihood of further damage.
  • A Cracked or Broken Tooth – The most common causes of a broken or cracked tooth are trauma, bitting, or grinding your teeth. An emergency dentist can help you assess the situation and take corrective action before the cracked tooth becomes too bad.
  • A Loose Tooth – The most common cause of a loose tooth is decay. Over time, not taking care of your teeth can result in some of them becoming loose. While oral hygiene is a good way to combat a loose tooth, an emergency dentist could help prevent the tooth from falling out entirely.

What Happens When You See an Emergency Dentist?

Much like a regular dentist, a Boca Raton emergency dentist will thoroughly evaluate the issue and decide on the best course of action. Once the dentist has decided the best way to proceed they will take the corrective action to help alleviate your pain and emergency.

Ericsson Dental provides emergency dental procedures in the Boca Raton area. If you are experiencing a dental emergency contact our office immediately. Dr. Ericsson will use his decades of experience to help determine the best course of action for your particular case.  Dr. Ericsson will use the most state of the art technology to ensure your emergency dental treatment is as pain-free and fast as possible.

Over 100 Five Star Google Reviews

Dillon Pabisz
Dillon Pabisz
18:46 23 Dec 17
Ericsson Dental is hands down the best dentist office I’ve ever been to. I felt no pain whatsoever and this was truly an enjoyable experience from the amazing 4K TVs to the incredible service. Dr. Ericsson went out of his way to fix my teeth at the most favorable price on the market. It is a family owned enterprise and it truly feels like you are part of the family when you walk into this practice. People travel across the country to see him and I see why. If you have never been to Ericsson Dental I highly recommend that you start now, I promise you will be more than happy with what you are going to get.
cheryl Erickson
cheryl Erickson
17:25 14 Feb 18
I recently was referred to Dr. Ericsson by my former Dentist. I had quite a few problems going on with my teeth and for years I didn't even want to smile anymore or have my picture taken .Dr. Ericsson took a few x-rays and in length explained what he recommended. Long story short, I agreed to a full mouth restoration! ( Especially after looking at his before and after photo album) Dr. Ericsson did an outstanding job! I constantly get compliments from my friends, strangers, and even my other Doctors. During the procedure Dr. Erickson and his wonderful staff were always so passionate and professional. Dr. Ericsson also worked out a payment plan with me over a time that was budget friendly for me. I Highly recommend Dr. Ericsson to everyone now ! Not only has this boosted my confidence and self esteem again, but its changed my life! Thank you Dr. Ericsson!!
George Khouri
George Khouri
16:30 02 Mar 18
Dr Ericsson is an amazing dentist. I read his outstanding reviews and decided to use him for replacement of a bridge. Not only did he do an excellent job but his price was extremely reasonable. I would recommend him to anyone.
Sharon Decker
Sharon Decker
20:04 12 Feb 18
The most gentle and thorough cleaning I’ve ever experienced. I have always required local numbing and gas for teeth cleaning at other dental offices. Not anymore! Great experience, from scheduling to services and billing, these guys are the best! Flexibility of appointments, skill level of staff, and professionalism & friendliness of entire office was refreshing and impressive.
Tom Fitzgerald
Tom Fitzgerald
17:04 27 Dec 17
The best Dentist ever. Broke a front tooth on Christmas Eve. Called Dr Mark at 8:30 at night. He answered the phone and told me to be in his office the next morning on Christmas Day! Who does that. Dr Mark does. He had a temp. front tooth in place in three hours. There is no one better Dentist out there.
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